Irish Composers on Irish Music: Ryan Molloy on the 'Irish' in Irish piano music

Ryan Molloy

In his fascinating talk for the AIC Irish Composers on Irish Music series, Ryan Molloy examines the use of idioms from traditional Irish music in contemporary piano works by Irish composers. The works under discussion are:

0'47'' – Ryan Molloy's 'Saetre Btygge' (2008) and the position of minor sevenths as a traditional influence.

2' – Seoirse Bodley's 'The Long Road to the Deep North' (1972/77), a significant work in combining traditional and contemporary styles, and exploring new approaches to capturing the free rhythm of a slow air.

5'44'' – Breffni O'Byrne's 'Rhapsody' (2012), its quotation and deconstruction of the traditional Irish song 'Ag Bruach Dhún Réimhe'.

7'40'' – Michael Holohan's 'Monaincha' (2002), with its mixed modalities, and the Irish adoption of the “Scotch snap”.

9'47'' – Bill Whelan's 'The Currach' (2008), and the question of a traditionally-experienced performer adding ornamentation to a traditionally-influenced melody.

12'08'' – Martin O'Leary's 'Three Slow Airs (1992), with a full performance of 'David's Air' at 13'11''.

This talk was filmed in Trinity College Dublin on 1st April 2015.