Kevin O'Connell on his 'Early Music' (2015)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 - 2:30pm

Composer KEVIN O'CONNELL discusses his work 'Early Music' in advance of its premiere at the 2015 Galway Arts Festival.

"Fashions in music come and go, but beauty remains. So to me, this is not old music; it's contemporary music. I think of all music, if it's interesting music, as contemporary. We have a relationship with this music... that is contemporary. It's now."


'Early Music' will be premiered at the Galway Arts Festival on July 18th 2015. 

Kevin O'Connell

Interview conducted by Dr Jennifer McCay, musicologist and musicianship lecturer at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

Main Photo (at top): Kevin O'Connell at the studio of the National Concert Hall, during a recording session with the RTE National Symphony Orchestra in 2009. Photo by Jennifer McCay.